Best 2021 April Fool’s Pranks to Try


April Fools’ Day is the perfect time for some harmless fun – here are ten ideas for pranks and jokes you can play on your partner, family and kids at home

Text a typing dots gif

Even if you can’t see your friends and family in person this April Fools’ Day, you can still prank them remotely.

Start up a friendly text conversation with one of your friends, then halfway through send them a gif of the typing dots. They’ll be waiting for a text that will never arrive…

Fake tattoo

This is a good prank if you’re tech savvy, and good with photo editing. Text a family member and tell them you’ve had a tattoo done in their honour.

Edit a picture of yourself so it looks like you’ve got a large tattoo of their name somewhere conspicuous – like your face, neck or forearm – but make sure there’s a spelling error or mistake in the ‘tattoo’.

They won’t know how to tell you you’ve made such a permanent mistake!

Change the clocks

Change all the clocks in your house – including your family’s devices – moving them forward one hour.

When everyone wakes up, they’ll be convinced they’ve overslept and are late for work or school.

Hand holding a small alarm clock

Cracked screen

If you have a family member or housemate working from home at the moment, download a picture of a cracked screen and set it as the screensaver on their laptop.

Make sure you alter the settings so the screensaver activates after a very short period of time – like 30 seconds.

When they get up to use the toilet or make a cup of tea, they’ll come back to see their screen apparently shattered.

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